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Create clarity in your transactions and gain a competitive advantage with the security of your business


The mechanisms of digital identification can be improved and the access to client data is simplified for all participants of the process. The transactions and records become transparent and immutable accordingly. We can help to reduce the need of such key elements these days as reconciliation and confirmation of transactions and analysis of erroneous and fake transactions.

Secure smart contract development by who mastered the technology

The industry must have a need for independently verifiable data, and in the case of smart contracts, independently verifiable computation and procedure. Security breaches, errors, inefficiencies cost a lot of money when deploying smart contracts to the blockchain. We conduct in-depth audit, optimize code and write your smart contracts following security standards.

Security Experts Nearby

Founders of Genico started careers in the security and payment industries. Each of Genico member is familiar with security threats and know how to develop secure code. We take pride in our carefully written code. We are here to help you and your business!

What challenges do we face in BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT?
We Solve Challenges
Supply Chain
We help to implement a complete supply chain on a blockchain to track the whole process in a single place. Trade partners can interact in a friction­ free manner, gaining visibility into their supply chain so they can make smart forecasting decisions.
We develop your notary registry allowing users to manage and sign documents. We can license our document registry system built on top of Graphene, Ripple, and Ethereum for private and public blockchains.
KYC and AML procedures
We help companies and customers perform KYC quickly and through a reliable source - shared ledgers. Customers can save time and pain of going through the KYC process at each and every company they associate with.
We help to avoid permanent credit and personal information sharing between different financial institutions. Customers don't need to send multiple loan requests using the same documentation anymore.
Token Generation Event (TGE)
We develop your investor's dashboard and deliver a solution for setting up TGEs enable you to create and issue tokens and maintain token sale.
Migration and Deployment
We help to transform legacy data storage infrastructure and move the existing solution to the blockchain. We deploy private and public blockchain either on-premise or on the cloud.
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Other Services
Developer/Team Augmentation

Get a premium team you can entrust the most complex projects. Each in-house developer creates high-quality code and knows how to squeeze the most out of Php, Python, C++, JS, and Java.

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IT Consulting

Is your IT technology generating ROI? IT Consulting is the suitable answer, with ground-breaking strategies to manage your organization’s changing needs in innovation

Mobile Development Genico
Mobile Development

Handling your Mobile Development related requirements to simplify your business operations in the long run, attract and positively surprise your users by new technologies applied to your business