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Software infrastructure, either cloud or local, needs monitoring, maintenance, support, and improvement with time. Leverage our decade-long expertise to deploy and implement enterprise software solutions as well as its further maintenance and support

Serious and regardful attitude towards your business

We start from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and ensure fast, continuous delivery and consistently high level of software quality. We quickly learn the ins and outs which are indispensable for deploying and implementing of the project.

Prioritizing competence over speed

Among Genico’s specialists, there are only officially certified experts and talented engineers with years of experience and technology + industry knowledge. Genico’s engineers – over 50% of whom are Seniors and Leads in DevOps – focus on reliability and scalability, information security and maintainability.

Transforming Software Delivery With Devops

We help your business accelerate IT delivery with fewer errors, no downtime, getting new features to the market fast and efficiently which helps you retain your hard-won customers. Our DevOps engineers will help you attune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system with microservices architecture, so your business strategy can always rely on high-quality software.

What challenges do we face in DevOps?
We Solve Challenges
ERP Integration
ERPs can make a business’ IT architecture much stronger, but the wrong approach can have deleterious consequences. It is difficult to know where integrating systems in business gain a competitive advantage and where it will hinder the business' workflow. We help you to follow the right approach and understand the value of each integration.
Release orchestration
Being able to quickly integrate with different applications, manipulate data and mediate message flow is hugely important as businesses are required to do more with less. You will be able to integrate everything you are using in a snap: CI, provisioning, change management or test tools, middleware or cloud platforms, old legacy systems, or microservices and containers.
Legacy infrastructure upgrade
Remaining on legacy infrastructure can spell stability problems, lack of support and the fact that you will be left behind the swiftly advancing competition. We help to replace or modify older, monolithic apps with newer microservices architecture which can open up the floodgates to faster development and quicker innovation.
Toolset clashes
Dev and Ops teams usually have completely separate toolsets and metrics. We will help to integrate the tools they use and unify the metrics they monitor. Dev and Ops teams will learn to cooperate, determine ways of helping each other out, and collaborate even more closely.
Manual deployments
Typical companies lose an estimated 15% of annual revenue due to outages caused by poor productivity and an excessive amount of human error which we eliminate by automating the software build, testing, and deployment processes. Improve your Agile and DevOps processes so you get the best software to your customers, as quickly as possible.
Waste in Existing Processes
If it's not required to complete a process successfully, then it's Non-Value-Adding process. You can save your business time and money and satisfy customers once processes are more streamlined. We will help you streamline the processes by which software was deployed, thereby removing unnecessary control points and waste.
What's more we can help you with?
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