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Construction solution development Genico
Watch how the most ultimate technologies become an organic part of any construction process and modify the way your employed engineers do their job.

AR to speed up and increase efficiency of construction works

We all live our lives and experience situations through 3D. This third dimension can be now brought to the field of construction. Confront as-built to as-designed projects and reconstruct 3D models with the help of Augmented reality. Discover how sensor-based AR solutions can be employed to identify hazardous points. Remember that AR can be also used over headsets so that the user is able to work remotely.

Tailored software solutions for construction industry

Our skills help us integrate various corporate software tools for accounting/billing/supply chain and project management. We have solutions for sales, procurement, document/content management and much more. Our cross-platform mobile apps have digital requisition forms and are equipped with seamless communication portals, full inventory access, as well as push/SMS notifications.

Headsets are no longer the limit to augmented reality

Imagine ultimate safety tracing that uses advanced imaging algorithms. Imagine how all critical areas can be uninterruptedly monitored, whereas machinery movements tracked and emergency messages generated.

Did you think of features for your construction project?
Must Have Features
Material and Equipment Tracking
Have full control over your materials and deliveries. Set the system to compare the incoming equipment with the amount of money you paid for it. Identify where your items are being used, who the users are and when they require warranty assistance.
Track tasks’ going and schedule assignments, as these procedures can be made simple for your contractors and team members.
Construction exploration
Reach top level engineering accuracy and transform your onsite processes with the help of Augmented Reality in order to spot and avoid errors beforehand.
Virtual Presence On-Site
Be a remote coordinator of your construction pit to rapidly address issues on different construction stages with the use of Augmented Reality advantages.
Operations Visibility
Create multiple reports in the automated mode collecting information from different affiliated or branch offices from over the world.
Data Analytics
Customize KPI dashboards with the help of our drag-and-drop visualization tools. Take advantage of the automated reporting software to get a segmented data analysis.
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