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Boost and transform your customer experience, increase the speed of business operations and secure users’ identification. The latest developments in the field of IT are at your disposal to get a WOW-effect out of your daily commercial activity.

Tailored solutions to foster crucial procedures

Whoever opts for an online business shall keep in mind that this field has its own rules and musts. Not knowing these musts may result in lack of business success and a decreased number of visitors/sold items/opportunities. At Genico we develop customized solutions for website navigation, appealing design and payment simplification.

Seasoned skills in omnichannel e-commerce

Our experienced team is composed of seasoned professionals who know exactly how to build both a winning content and cross-channel strategy. We introduce visual merchandising, customer support, dynamic pricing, advanced filtering, faceted search, users’ authorization and much more.

Never stop asking for more!

Discover the unlimited number of opportunities for implementation of your unique ideas. With our help your business will be supported with the most innovative, suitable and customized solutions that disrupt current apps available on the market.

Did you think of features for your e-Commerce project?
Must Have Features
Make your clients’ experience more enjoyable. Your customers’ experience within a shop can be simplified as your shoppers may have the opportunity to check the inventory of this or that item while being in-store, they can be redirected to the right department or aisle, which significantly increases their satisfaction and willingness to get back to your point of sale.
Use the option of push-notification to remind your customers about sales and promotions in the nearby areas. Link these notifications with your clients’ preferences and interests to make them be aware of the recent news regarding brands and trademarks.
Take the opportunity to boost your business results with the help of augmented reality. Your target audience may be attracted and positively surprised by additional layers applied to your business. Such representation adds more value and improves the image of your company.
Introduce gamification to your day-to-day business operations. Remember that brand awareness is the key-factor when building customer loyalty and emotional attachment to your brand.
Interact with your target audience in the real-time mode and make them feel involved and part of your business. Active target audience is a happy and thankful audience, which your business may only take advantage of.
Use your content at various levels to monetize it the best way possible. Management of dynamic content and personalized UX has never been easier. It is high time you introduced it in your company.
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Other Solutions
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Use digital analytics to streamline products supply chain and passenger transportation procedures. Get real-time insights over your financial performance.

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We serve each and every aspect of financial industry: online banking, credit card processing, anti-fraud analytics, credit scoring of p2p lending, cryptocurrency exchange.