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e-commerce development Genico
E-commerce and Retail

Boost and transform your customer experience, increase the speed of business operations and secure users’ identification. The latest developments in the field of IT are at your disposal to get a WOW-effect out of your daily commercial activity.

transportation solution development Genico
Logistics and Transportation

Use digital analytics to streamline products supply chain and passenger transportation procedures. Get real-time insights over your financial performance.

Media Entertainment solution development Genico
Media and Entertainment

Build informative multiple-screen experiences, introduce Augmented and Virtual Reality to your corporate landscape and employ media streaming and digitization.

Construction solution development Genico

Watch how the most ultimate technologies become an organic part of any construction process and modify the way your employed engineers do their job.

meetings events solution development Genico
Meetings and Events

Your visitors can have a true experience of gamification with the help of Augmented Reality and Beacon navigation. Provide them with detailed event maps in order to make them quickly find what they need.

digital finance solution development Genico
Digital Finance

We serve each and every aspect of financial industry: online banking, credit card processing, anti-fraud analytics, credit scoring of p2p lending, cryptocurrency exchange.

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