Digital Finance

Digital Finance

digital finance solution development Genico
We serve each and every aspect of financial industry: online banking, credit card processing, anti-fraud analytics, credit scoring of p2p lending, cryptocurrency exchange.


TOP-NOTCH WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS MAKE YOU GROW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. Customized FinTech solutions aim to connect your business to the customers. Employ UX design and intuitive workflow to get more loyal customers. The key priorities in development of financial apps are clearly security, performance, and the application’s long-term viability.

Global Fintech companies turn to us in order to develop innovative financial technology solutions

Fintech is one of the most rapidly developing field. More and more banking and financial services are offered to companies. All these changes modify the behavior of consumers and the way they use services. At Genico LLC we provide customers with end-to-end solutions while keeping up with recent developments.


Our systems are always focused on secure development and compliance to industry regulations. We improve software architecture of fintech enterprises and scale their operations.

Did you think of features for your FinTech project?
Must Have Features
Implement the latest technological innovations for your trading and business ventures.
Enable your customers to exchange funds and pay on the go with the help of digital wallets, as well as bank, and social media accounts.
Turn your KYC and AML analysis into a winning source of information. Combine external and internal sources, be multilingually aware and immediately readable.
Introduce gamification to your day-to-day business operations. Remember that brand awareness is the key-factor when building customer loyalty and emotional attachment to your brand.
Integrate all players of the payment processing ecosystem together. Add a new group of loyal customers by working with cryptocurrencies, offering them such currencies as an additional method of payment.
Use the option of push-notification to remind your customers about sales and promotions in the nearby areas. Link these notifications with your clients’ preferences and interests to make them be aware of the recent news regarding brands and trademarks.
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Other Solutions
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Your visitors can have a true experience of gamification with the help of Augmented Reality and Beacon navigation. Provide them with detailed event maps in order to make them quickly find what they need.